Partnership, as a catalyst of innovation, is a key driver of innovation at UNICEF. Thanks to our network of industry partnerships and the scale and reach of our procurement, UNICEF highlights the needs of the children and families who use our services and products, thus influencing our suppliers’ product and market development strategies and increasing the availability of essential products for children. A systematic approach to addressing the challenges faced by children ensures that their needs are accurately assessed and that solutions will be impactful; a concurrent approach to design, development and manufacturing ensures value for money is achieved.



We engage in partnerships with academia, private and public industry, and with the design and manufacturing world, with the aim of finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by children and their families in resource-limited settings. We welcome your input, whether it is leaving a comment in response to a challenge, or getting involved in one of our projects. If you have a solution to a challenge you think we should know about please let us know.



Examples of relationships include those with the Index: Design Challenge, the Technical University of Denmark, Columbia University, New York University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IKEA and UPS. Find out about current opportunities for project partnership and collaboration below.

Read about some of our collaborations and partnerships



Index: is a not for profit organisation who are widely known for the Index: Award. The second biennial award is the INDEX: Design Challenge. The Design Challenge invites design and business students to address global challenges. In 2010/11, this encompassed UNICEF’s “Design for Education” challenges.

Technical University of Denmark

With the investigative and open mindedness that good design thinking promotes, students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have explored ideas in response to challenges, focusing particularly on those who will use the finished product, the end users.

Frog Design

UNICEF partners with Frog - a global design and innovation company. Frog provides design and innovation support on projects that use mobile phones to improve key child health outcomes in under-served areas.

Columbia University

UNICEF and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs have collaborated to develop programmes that help UNICEF take advantage of mobile technology in its work around the world. The collaboration won first place in the 2009 USAID “Development 2.0 Challenge.”

Promens Packaging GmbH

Promens Packagings skill and experience in design and manufacturing of plastic bottles and containers has led to our successful collaboration to develop the design and produce prototypes for this project. We will continue to work together to evaluate the solution through the testing phase.

Global Pulse

Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of the UN Secretary-General, harnessing today's new world of digital data and real-time analytics to gain a better understanding of changes in human well-being.


Viadynamics is collaborating with UNICEF Supply Division to drive innovation through the organisation by investigating innovative engagement with potential suppliers, developers and academic organisations for innovative supply solutions.